The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is the most complete ritual ever devised for preparing the place for magical work. The ritual as described here is. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram—the LBRP for short—is a well- known, effective technique used for ridding yourself and. By it’s very name you can see that the LBRP is designed to purify your area. This is of great value because as you practice techniques including.

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The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is far more than merely a means of “getting rid” of things. For about me flames the pentagram, and in the column stands the six-rayed star!

Spreading your arms palms upwards, in a Tau or T-cross posture, say: Worse, the reasons for taking up such pursuits in the first place have been twisted slightly, then later bent out of all recognition by second and third generations of occultists.


All too often, this realisation is taken to be a sign of Mastery, when in fact it is but the very beginning. The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram and other elementary magical techniques appeared in the Appendices, in an official instruction paper of Aleister Crowley’s magical Order of A.

The meaning of the words is in parenthesis after. Try a couple of them and use which one works best.

Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram – Wikipedia

See the light above your head extending in a beam of light straight down through you towards the centre of the Earth. Begin the pentagram from outside your left hip, trace a pntagram up to a point that is level with the top of your head, then down like a capital letter “A” to outside the right hip.

Those who court the favours of Venus should do well to remember that she is often depicted as riding upon one!

How to Select and Care for a Crystal. Try to feel his presence and feel the airy breeze hit your face. As a protective barrier or to banish a negative force, obcessive thought or impure magnetism: Imagine a gentle, refreshing breeze, cleansing and purifying the air.


Stand in the east. Some benefit can pentagran obtained by listening to the chants of Tibetan Monks that can be found on cassette and CD. Qabalistically, the manifestation of Power and Light emanating downward on the Tree of Life, begins in the Cardinal Signs of the Four Elements and ends in the Mutable Signs that rule over the furthest extension of each Elemental Power or Light in each corresponding Qabalistic World.

I must mention, while on this subject, that the idea of ritual being “symbolic” is an erroneous one. So it is that the circle must be squared at every step, grade or level along the way. So in Crowley’s system, a wand would still be used to invoke water, or any other element, astrological sign, planet and so forth. The ritual is highly dynamic, using gesture, visualization and the pronunciation of certain words of power, combining prayer and invocation as well as clearing and preparing a space for further magical or meditative work.

Now one thing needs to be made clear about the pentagram itself, which is of course integral to the subject of this inquiry. You can either use your magical dagger more on that later or your extended index and middle fingers, with your thumb resting lightly under them. This page was last edited on 11 Mayat I am grateful that this happened to me in the s when I was introduced to a method for accessing information stored in the chakras that was otherwise unknown.

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It is the one duty of every person to see that his Aura is in good condition. The Kabbalistic Cross Begin facing the east.

Seated in meditation or lying down, formulate yourself standing in a Magical Robe, holding the Magical Dagger. This world is also inhabited by many other undesirable waste products of the Universe, including thought forms of a very low order. Please note that the use of Llewellyn Journal articles is subject to certain Terms and Conditions.


Extend both arms in the form of a cross and say Before me Raphael Rah-fye-el. Both these systems work very well, so long as the person sticks to either one or the other and does not confuse things. Mysticism of the Unseen.

To trace the Earth Banishing Pentagram, according to certain occultists, use a small, straight-bladed steel dagger, or index finger of the right hand, or a wand, bring the outstreched right arm over and down to the left side, to a point in front of the body corresponding to just about the middle of the thigh.

It is worthwhile quoting once more from Crowley’s notes on the ritual, concerning this matter of the aura or Sphere of Sensation: The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is the most complete ritual ever devised for preparing the place for magical work. Unless it were responsive to impressions it would cease to be a medium of communication from the non-Ego to the Ego. At the same time, it symbolizes a person with legs and arms outstretched to the sides.

This Hebrew word means literally, “Shells”. You have to practice it regularly and daily when you’re NOT attacked to be able to properly perform it. Don’t put yourself nor others in risk -physical of course, but psychological too: Keep your arm outstretched and turn ninety degrees to the west; draw another pentagram, and stab it in the center, vibrating powerfully:.

Magicians practicing Thelemic magick will often intone the name Aiwass at the heart while performing the Qabalistic cross, as reinforcing their commitment to the presiding intelligence of Liber AL.

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