Ships with Tracking Number! INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE Shipping available . May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Shipping. Legends & Lairs: Mythic Races – Character Race Compendium ? Free Legends & Lairs: Mythic Races – Character Race Compendium By. Cityworks*: A Handbook for Designing and Surviving Fantasy Cities is one of the d20 system sourcebooks in the Legends & Lairs line. The first chapter is.

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I would argue that he confuses everything by trying to be too detailed. Tone is absolutely everything when it comes to running Dungeons and Dragons: Thursday, August 22, Legends and Lairs: I don’t regret buying City Works, I’m citywoeks not overly thrilled with the experience I’ve had reading it. I found myself going glass eyed and wishing that I had more alcohol in the house. Honestly the chapter only has three sections worth reading City Precincts pg.

Legends & Lairs – City Works[1]

Again he is overly detailed but the kernel is good and worth digesting. First the product is given to over-thinking and over-complicating the basic processes around the creation of a fantasy city setting. Now I don’t agree with everything, but there is enough crunch here where I find myself intrigued with where I can go from his starting point.

Newer Post Older Post Home. When we left off in the previous post, Legends and Lairs: It is when he describes how to create a map of the city I found myself going glass eyed and wishing that I had more alcohol in the house.

Legends & Lairs: City Works by Mike Mearls | LibraryThing

There are no delusions of ease for Mike Mearls and he begins the chapter by talking about how everything about the city is interconnected. From those sections you can create a useful map that will service all your major needs alirs the morass of rules that Mike created.

A simple description of each of these environments without mechanics would have been a better use of the page. Fortunately that ton is well written and thought provoking so it’s worth the effort. Secondly, the product is subject to the normal trials and tribulations associated with any Mike Mearls production: City Works by Fantasy Flight Games Part 1I had finished with the first two chapters and had come away with an overall positive impression of the product.


For every ounce of goodie you find in City Works you’ll have to dig through a ton of esoteric garbage to get there. Looking For Something Special? The Urban Environments section pg.

Legends & Lairs: City Works

ane You have rules for fires pgfloods pgand riots pg – which are essentially useless in most games as any good Dungeon Master is going to have those events move according to the players actions dramatizing the play as much as possible with the players’ enjoyment foremost in his mind rather than worrying about the rules associated with such events.

Urban Events pg – is a mixed bag. But then you have the plague pg – and siege pg – where Mike provides some really interesting ideas about how these sort of events affect the city and game play. That’s a recipe for disaster. Best Reads of the Week! For Mike this means that the architecture, city folk, landmarks, and tone mean everything.

Legends & Lairs – City Works[1]

Tone is absolutely everything when it comes to running Dungeons and Dragons. To take it aside and say that it is a factor along with the others that make up tone is a mistake and creates a situation where you’re trying to do too much.

Now there are several faults with the product that had become glaringly obvious. The key to setting a good tone for an adventure is to strike the right balance between too much detail and not citjworks.

That’s true for far too much of this book. But if you’re trying to do too much you will screw it all up. Last year I started the Best Reads of the Week series to help publicize some of my favorite blogs and to help the community as a wh The third chapter in City Works begins by laying out the districts of a typical city both socially and topically to good effect.


The Great Blog Roll Call. This chapter is for the Dungeon Master and in many ways this is the best chapter of the book.

The Great Blog Roll Call ! Urban Adventure Basics pg – is a great resource for new Dungeon Masters and an okay review of the process leegends adventure writing. You need to be evocative with just enough verisimilitude to not alert your players of where things are going.

I don’t need a mechanic for the chase or for going in the sewers. Just don’t get your head wrapped up in all the mess he chucks on the page. Now I would not personally use all of the groupings that Mike Mearls ascribes but I can find no real fault with his logic or descriptions in these first four pages of the chapter.

I own seventeen monster manuals, tombs, and guides across a variety of systems and editions that now clutter up my gaming shelf — the vast To waste your time fictionalizing these fantastical people who even you don’t believe in is the very definition of wasting your time.

The Best Villains Money can Buy I own seventeen monster manuals, tombs, and guides across a variety of systems and editions lais now clutter up my gaming shelf — the vast Seriously, this section is overly complicated and choked with needless rules designed to dictate everything from the size of your city blocks and their percentages of the overall land area to the layout of the districts and the types of streets you detail.