Last Breath of Ashenport up I thoroughly enjoyed the iteration of this adventure, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what Ari did in this. Has anyone done it? I’m running it for Halloween and was looking for advice, particularly regarding the monsters. Play them as is, sub in some. Ruleset: D&D e. DM: Me, Mortis I’ll be running the Last Breaths of Ashenport adventure, as the name suggests. Just stand-alone. Character.

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His heavy, grim face peered at the kenku.

The Room with Five Corners This is an adventure for four 6th to 7th level PC’s that may be completed in a single session. While her Fight Club stats have been released, the following adventure now introduces Eludecia to your players that is, should they succeed in its goals. Breathx six never returned, nor has any trace been found. That ahenport spell opens up instantaneous, long-distance travel.

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: This cloak was of the Creel family, and with a jolt of recognition, Josiah realised he was staring at none other than Matthias Creel — the blue gem and black beard confirmed it.

He told me once that he had a chimera doll he would hug to sleep at night. Fair enough that he can’t see the rooms above, but his qshenport sense mage sense isn’t tingling to suggest anyone’s got arcane ability, invocations, or spell-like abilities within 60 feet of him.

Those who make extended trips into the forest often use Bluerock Lodge, a retreat built just for hunters, as their base. Jun 6 ’09, Quentin used the rest of his earnings to buy himself some nice gear, and soon found himself heading to Ashenport, where an old family friend lived or so he remembered. He is, however, rather good at pretending to be strong. The dragon heart flames our sorcery.


Adventure search

A dangerous lot, indeed. The merchant got up from his chair and peered down at the tiny skull man. Hey, are you alive ya big dunce? Even with her vision she could only faintly see the road, with rain dancing amidst the mud-covered grounds. He loves red dragons.

[] The Last Breaths of Ashenport – Advice

That said, I have almost no experience with 4. Amulet of Protection From Turning 1. Not the most athletic group all around. The lords Hearst were always allies of the breathd, joining together when the occasional band of humanoids or bandits grew too strong and threatened both locations.

If you want to turn your hobby into a career, we can give you exposure.

The weather didn’t look too terribly crippling, but I’ll be sure to keep it in mind. Hey, the writer himself made that joke. Huge Gibbering Mouther 1. His voice was layered thick and seemed to echo in the merchants mind. Last Breaths in Ashenport Blackbeak had not been able to shake the feeling of unease breathss he had made his first step into the true, honest-to-gods North.

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Kestrel, and James Wyatt The characters are hired by one of the three collectors from whom the legacy weapons ashfnport been stolen. Can turn into a beatstick or something else, for that matter for 6 hours per day. Originally Posted by Dastir Mmmmm, gouda. Schwalb Deep beneath a forlorn volcano, long dormant but active with the servants of the Elder Elemental Eye, lays a dreadful thing—a fragment of He of Eternal Darkness brought low ages ago by powerful magic.

I said it was an evil gazebo, and I was right, was I not? Expy Young Adult Red Dragon Expy might be in the young adult age bracket as far as his dragon breath and spell casting abilities, but he sure acts juvenile.

Shield of Protection 1. Seemingly in need of aid but unable to communicate with the natives, he was adopted by the village, whose people quickly grew to love ladt. Black feathers, black robe, and black skin blended into the gloom, and he carried no torch or lantern.


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Marking Marked and Other 4E-Isms. They have no idea where this labyrinth is located. The half-orc carries a rather rudimentary shortspear made of wood with a sharp stone forming the tip and a shield made of dark wood. Have they simply been overhunted, or is something more sinister afoot?

Given the length of fights in 4E, the module might take you a couple of gaming sessions to get through unless breatus cut corners. Since the demise of their civilization thousands of years ago, their race has steadily declined, until it became a mere shadow of its former self. Visit the Dungeon Mastering Company Hub for submission guidelines. Charasta, an old white dragon, has not reached her age by being unprepared or foolish — she is, in fact, much more intelligent than most white dragons.

The Adventure Shop: The Last Breaths of Ashenport

I just asked for wands. Entrants will have from now until The ancient ruined city of Tamoacha is familiar to a select few scholars and fortune seekers, who know of it but not always exactly where it is.

Why is it, then, that I could not shake this strange apprehension? Well, aside from Josiah and Cedris Vale breatha he’s herebut you’d already know that. Excuse me, oh incognizant one.