Hyung – Tak KIM e-mail:[email protected] com tel fax The ultimate coaching manual as reflected in the price, hardback edition with over pages. • Chapters Include: • Stance. • Bow Grip. • Placing the fingers on . Only £ – ‘Archery’, written by Kim-Hyung Tak, known by lots of archers and coaches as Coach Kim. One of the best recurve performance archery books.

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Excellence Centre hosts 8th Coaching Sem Archery Canada appoints Riggs as recurve Sharing our passion for archery since ! This app is a must have for anyone who is serious with competition performance in Olympic recurve.

Americas hosts mental training seminar f Sign up to our hyubg for exclusive deals, offers and news: Coach Kim has experience with all technical levels and uses a straightforward approach when teaching. Frederick appointed head coach in Bangla Thank you for your support. You can spread the cost of your purchases with a typical APR of Legendary athlete and elite Coach Kim, Hyung-Tak has more than 40 years of experience in archery.

Popular articles Lee, Chang, Schloesser and Bostan end ranked 1 in the world.

It gives the archer the explanation behind every moment of the shooting process. Basic technical skills Teaching methods Expansion analysis There are more than 65 videos and pictures or diagrams within bool application, many featuring World Archery Champion Maja Jager who is a resident athlete at the Kim Hyung Tak training centre.


When training his athletes, he is always looking for better ways of teaching and improving upon their skills. He opened his own archery training centre incontinues to coach resident and visiting athletes of all levels, and travels internationally holding seminars and coaching workshops.

A hefty book but there is just enough theory to make sense of what he’s saying without sapping your will to live.

It is also indispensable for the expert and pro alike giving them correct explanations behind every detail. Archery bids for Commonwealth Games inclusion.

Archery – Hyung Tak Kim – Google Books

Sally Park appointed head coach in Bhuta If applying online, please select ‘Finance’ as your payment method during checkout and we will e-mail you an application link during working hours.

Mainland UK Shipping Guide: His new application is divided into three categories:.

Bhutan advertising national arc Gales joins British para archery coachin If urgent or travelling to our showroom, please always call or email so we can confirm availability.

BowSports are pleased to announce that we can now offer a range of finance options to our customers both online and instore minimum spend required and subject to status. A deposit is required for each purchase and must be paid for using a credit or debit card. I found the video clips in this app extremely helpful.

You may also like. Developer Website App Support. The application is divided into three main categories. The ‘Teaching method’ section contains various teaching methods perfected by Coach Kim through years of experience, to ease the learning of challenging technical skills for the archers.


I highly recommended this app to any recurve shooters. Minor fixes in the subtitles. Coach Kim is well known for using video analysis during seminars and training sessions. The expansion is a crucial part of the shot, and fully understanding and mastering this part of the shot is essential for all archers in the quest for improving their archery skills.


Further explanation can be found lower on the page. Once the application has been approved and the deposit paid, we can complete your order. Twitter Instagram Youtube Facebook. Information Seller Johan Weiss Hansen. It takes you from stance, all the way through the shot and finishes with follow-through.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The coaches and athletes can watch the videos in this section together and perform the exercises to improve learning. Lopez shortlisted for World Games award. Sara Lopez shortlisted for World Games athlete of the year award.

Nigerian president elected to NOC position. Coach Kim Hyung Tak has released his very own mobile application — called Kim, Hyung-Tak Yhung — explaining his Olympic- and world-title-winning method of teaching archery technique. Kim Hyung Tak arhery archery coaching application.

It is comprehensive and complete. Nigerian archery president elected deputy secretary general of national Olympic Committee.