John Wansbrough, SOAS University of London, History Department, Alumnus. Studies History, Semitic languages, and Comparative Semitic Linguistics. It seems that the most radical assessment was demonstrated by John Wansbrough in his exceptional works, Quranic Studies: Sources and. To launch into a discussion of John Wansbrough and his ideas is a daunting Wansbrough’s ideas deeply must be equipped with several languages in addi.

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For isolation and description of its components the selection of criteria is a matter requiring the greatest care. The North had been led by an inspirational president called Abraham Lincoln, who had been assassinated. Not only are the resources available to scholars of the Quran much more limited than qansbrough available to their biblical-scholar counterparts, but the depth of methodological experimentation in dealing with the scriptural text has been severely limited in comparison.

Translating John Wansbrough…into English

To this effect William Graham writes: This page was last edited on 9 Januaryat Accordingly it is incredibly hard to read unless you are a specialist, since the author moves seamlessly between highly academic English, Arabic written in Arabic script, transliterated Arabic, Latin, Hebrew, Greek and German.

Both were asserted; neither was proved. Even if you are not registered on any of these, you can still post a comment.

The book is based entirely upon textual analysis of the Quran and the various manuscripts. It may, indeed, be supposed that the public for whom Muslim scripture was intended could be expected to supply the missing detail.

However, Wansbrough’s own view was that the Quran was most probably composed around years later than the standard date, and in Mesopotamia rather than the Hijaz the area of Western Arabia that includes Mecca and Medina. In passing, there seems to be only one other review freely available on the internet, a three page review by Carool Kersten in the The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences.


This book was written by an academic for other academics. Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject it: In the Muslim exegetical literature the latter were explained, or evaded, by reference to the chronology of revelation, by means of which unmistakable repetition in the Quranic text could be justified.

Wansbrokgh reports of the Quranic revelation are no exception, and it seemed to me that a structural analysis, not only of the text of scripture but also of the other evidence associated with its genesis and with its interpretation, might produce some useful comparisons with the traditional historiography.

The relationship is rather more complicated, due at least in part to the origins of Muslim scripture in polemic. Wansbrough proceeds to critique what Muslims have written about the circumstances of revelation and the life of the Prophet, in particular the biography by Ibn Ishaq.

The Quranic response to this non-Muslim view This non-Muslim view is mentioned many times in the Quran.

Biblical scholarship developed to understand how the Bible came to be written over a very long period. While that role was never neglected, it would be more realistic to suppose that the qualities of inimitability and eternity nohn formulated in the attempt to secure a position within the Muslim community for the document of revelation.

The sectarian milieu, content and composition of islamic salvation history (John WANSBROUGH)

The same point is made in many other places in the Quran. The continuous history of Mecca and Medina is one of the most inspiring aspects of visiting those cities, as I did during the Hajj in He also repeats his earlier assertion that the Quran originated in intra-Muslim polemics, but I was unable to see any clear explanation of why he holds that view. Includes bibliographical references and index. Yet Wansbrough’s theory is today considered to be too radical in detail, especially in the total separation of the emergence of the Quran from the person of Muhammad.

By variants he appears to mean multiple versions of the same story within the text of the Quran.


Review of “Quranic Studies” by John Wansbrough

In a purely oral culture, I would expect most Americans, at least those from the North, to revere the speech and to continue to transmit it orally to their children.

Leaving aside the eansbrough, indices etc. A short time period in a stable environment Biblical scholarship developed to understand how the Bible came to be written over a very long period.

If the Quran was composed years later and in Mesopotamia, then God could not possibly have given it to Muhammad pbuh. Join my email list.

Full text of “Quranic Studies by John Wansbrough”

Similarly, while Wansbrough chooses to draw his own conclusions about the implications of the Muslim doctrine of the eternal Quran, he completely fails to mention the historical context of the disagreement between the Mutazilites and the Asharites. Wansbrough analyzed the classical Islamic narratives which had been written to years after Muhammad with the historical-critical methodespecially literary criticism.

It is quite rare for the author of a book to succeed in sansbrough me no matter how much I might disagree with what the author has written but Wansbrough has succeeded in doing so. He realized that the early Islamic texts addressed an audience which was familiar with Jewish and Christian texts, and that Jewish jonn Christian theological problems were discussed.

Accordingly I found the book very tough going. It would have helped to have them as footnotes on each page to avoid having to leaf backwards and forwards but Rippin did not wish wansrough be seen as changing Wansbrough’s original text.

To describe at least part of Ibn Ishaq’s activity, for example, as exegetical tafsir is jjohn but, if the technical term is construed in its traditional sense explication de textepossibly misleading.