“[Mitchell] undertakes to explore the nature of images by comparing them with words, or, more precisely, by looking at them from the viewpoint of verbal. “[Mitchell] undertakes to explore the nature of images by comparing them with words, or, more precisely, by looking at them from the viewpoint. INTRODUCTION In , W. J. T. Mitchell published his ‘ Iconology’, with a sequel – an ‘applied iconology’ – in ‘Picture theory’. His program is ambitious.

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Mitchell’s now-classic discussion of the image iconolgy from early distinctions between the verbal and visual image, looks at how philosophers since Wittgenstein have tried to break through that classic distinction and then moves to how iconology is related to ideology.

That is why Nelson Goodman’s ‘Duke of Wellington’ is not an image of his portrait. But that does not apply to the worlds that are depicted: As a person who buys a lot of instructional books which I hope are insightful and succinct I found this overwritten.

The metaphor for ideology is the camera obscuraand the image behind the concept of commodity is the fetish or idol. Mitchell uncovers two rhetorical strategies at work in discourse surrounding image and word: Alessio rated it really liked it Mar 27, Roberto rated it really liked it Jul 08, Mitchell contends that he is not out at providing a new definition of the image, that does not prevent him from adhering to a rather peculiar theory: Dec 12, Janin rated it really liked it.


Mitchell falls victim to the subsumption of the image under the sign.

Iconology: Image, Text, Ideology, Mitchell

Another compromise is the construction of a new original: This historical reconstruction is rather biased. Between You and Me: The subsumption of the image under the sign is completed in that the same Mitchell, who overlooks the ‘pictorial’ nature of mitchwll, cannot stop to stress the ‘pictorital’ nature of ideologies in the metaphorical sense. Mitchell, just like Gottfried Boehmwants to herald an ‘iconic turn’: Buy the selected items together This item: No clear distinctions with W.

No trivia or quizzes yet. He draws on ideas from Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx to demonstrate that, essentially, we must consider pictures to be living things.

In matters of signs, the relation is ideally conventional unmotivatedand in matters of signs, there is always sensory reduced likeness.

File:Mitchell WJT Iconology Image Text – Monoskop

Although Mitchell does put Goodman through some of the ideological critique that he will subject the others to, he seems very optimistic about Goodman’s distinction between verbal signs as articulate and differentiated what we expect since Saussere and visual “signs” as undifferentiated and “dense”– of course, this was written inand Mitchell has written on Goodman since then, so I’m interested to hear whether he still likes this division. Also metaphors are not images, but means of predicating see: Customers who bought this item also bought.


Let us compare both approaches: Whereas, in our approach, there is a clear criterion to discern painting from literature, with W. Things are totally different when the artist iconilogy to an idiolect when addressing a broader public: On the other hand there are images that go hand in hand with explicit or implicit texts.

Conventional in the use of a contour is only the choice of one of the many techniques: Of all people the man who advocates a sophisticated approach of reality when he contends that there is no given reality to imitate and that we have to learn to see, turns out to fall prey to a rather naive oconology of perception.

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With the Egyptian rendering however, the model is replaced with an originalthat differs from the model, although the discrepancy is not so big as with centaurs or angels.

Fill in your details below lconology click an icon to log in: Travis Haas rated it liked it Jun 18, What is to be doneā€¦.