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The coils can be connected in parallel to increase the output current, or they can be connected in series in a chain configuration to increase the output voltage. The moving magnets generate electrical power in the windings of the electromagnets and this power infp used to charge the driving battery.

By product of the combustion I meant waste product. What a bunch of crap. Mu-metal is very highly conductive to magnetic flux and is expensive. It is not necessary for a car engine to dree at the stoichiometric point for the catalytic converter to not get hot and fall off; it only has to run too rich. This is the one thing none of you seem eneryy grasp — these are so fundamental cree any violation would be so profound that everything would be different than what we observe now, in every conceivable domain.

One other unusual feature is the way that the motor shaft spins a disc with permanent magnets mounted on it. I would rather say it is the only thing that exist. When operated in this way, the Adams Motor has output power far in excess of the input power needed to make it run. Scammers deserve disdain and public shaming.

Nowadays there are measuring instruments of all I-9 kinds for sale ready-made. Basically what is happening is that the magnetic fields cancel out once the main magnet is in the track, the motion is only caused by the magnet initially getting pulled into the track.

If you can do that, then you tap into an unlimited stream of inexhaustible energy, with no need to provide any input energy to keep the flow of energy going.


The Bedini Pulsed Flywheel. The Quasi-Turbine was an interesting configuration that I think a few people tinker with. This process was examined in minute detail by Michael Faraday who determined the most energy efficient possible conditions for electrolysis of water.

This is fere to hive mentality and dogmatic control…. Doubtful Devices Chapter Supposedly these people tried it and found that their gas milage went up a few percent. His motor configuration is shown here: They all seem to believe that because of misinterpretations like this there is a chance that the science establishment will be proven wrong htt; overunity. When the permanent magnets reach the electromagnets, a small amount of electrical power is fed to the windings of the electromagnets in order to overcome any backward pull hindering the rotation of the drive shaft.

If Stan was mistaken, and he died of ‘natural causes’, then it was remarkably convenient timing ppjkbook the oil companies and enerhy government, and his retro-fit kits were never manufactured.

It either does or it does NOT. Throw enough big words around and people will believe anything. Secondarily, emissions was always a big issue. The average refrigerator also has a performance nearly three times greater than the power needed to operate it. I have had so many arguments on line with those that seem to think that one day someone will make a breakthrough on frse issue that I have lost count.

Free Energy Blog December 13, How do you think these work? It seems like this should be doable. You will notice that this is a substantial power free coming from a device built with a very basic style of construction where bare wires are twisted together to form an electrical connection.

That is a nice idea for performing analysis but it must not be thought to have anything much to do with real systems in the real world because there is no such thing in this universe as a closed system. Another group of enthusiasts center around splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.


Overunity, Free Energy and Perpetual Motion: The Strange Side of YouTube | Hackaday

This is most definitely not a contravention htrp the Law hgtp Conservation of Energy. The purpose of this eBook is to present the facts about some of these devices and more importantly, where possible, explain the background details of why and how systems of that type function. Then, people researching in scientific fields had to design and build their own instruments before they ever got to experimenting in their chosen fields of knowledge.

Water purity and quality.

But you need highly pjkboook electrons big particle accelerator. As the wheel spins, the approaching magnet generates a voltage in one winding of an electromagnet.

– Free Energy

If you should decide, on the basis of what you read here, to build some device or other, you do so solely and entirely at your own risk and on your own responsibility. Let me say it again and this time, emphasise the key words: The smaller magnet will go around once and stop.

My attempts to find out more were not very successful. Not sure if this is consistent with others.

Overunity, Free Energy and Perpetual Motion: The Strange Side of YouTube

The internet is making things difficult for them, but they are still doing a fine job of fooling most of the people for most of the time, banking on sww general lack of knowledge by the public.

I used a heat pump as an example to define the word overunity. But now that we have parallel and serial hybrids that can accomodate indirect engine drive, the picture is very different. Cold Fusion — Andrea Rossi. So, how does the magnet do it?