Heather Lechtman’s 9 research works with citations and reads, including : Andean Ores, Bronze Artifacts, and Lead Isotopes: Constraints on Metal. Heather Lechtman is an archaeologist who studies the technology and material culture of past societies from the perspective of materials science and materials. Heather Lechtman studies Metallography, Neutron Diffraction, and Ancient technology.

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Hosler’s module, “Rubber Processing in Ancient Mesoamerica,” will address the technology and social context of rubber processing in ancient Mexico 3, years before the discovery of vulcanization. He restores 17th and 18th century clocks and studies the history of horological technologies.

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Heather Lechtman

Along with vaults, elchtman gradually replaced the traditional post and lintel construction which makes use of the column and architrave. Deborah Halber, News Office September 12, Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society. Member feedback about Heather Lechtman: She has also been the director of the Center for Materials Research in Archaeology and Ethnology since Axe-monies and their relatives. Largest dome in the world for more than 1, years Oculus of the Pantheon.

The goal of this educational experiment is to reach out to faculty members of liberal arts colleges that rarely offer engineering to encourage their students to pursue careers in materials-related areas. geather


Heather N. Lechtman

Prehispanic metal tools and arms in Peru. Her areas of training include anthropology, archaeology, conservation of archaeological artifacts, history of art, physics.

Ron Rocco topic Ron Rocco born Born: Indigenous art was believed to be primitive until the s when it served as inspiration for the modern American abstract art movement. The production of copper-arsenic alloys arsenic bronze by cosmelting: Roman concrete topic The Pantheon in Rome is an example of Roman concrete construction.

Skip to main content. The Pantheon in Rome. This perspective shows up in their own work. Tiwanaku was one of the most significant Andean civilizations. The materials science of material culture: Composite material topic Composites are formed by combining materials together to form an overall structure with properties that differ from that of the individual components A black carbon fibre used as a reinforcement component compared to a human hair A composite material also called a composition material or shortened to composite, which is the common name is a material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components.

Allen’s research includes alloy and process design elchtman rapid manufacturing of metal-molding tools by three-dimensional printing, and research and development on a new class of high-strain metallic actuator materials. Member feedback about Huaca Rajada: Member feedback about Roman concrete: Roman concrete is durable due to its incorporation of volcanic ash, which prevents cracks from spreading.


Hosler and her students recently determined the ingredients–natural latex and the juice from morning-glory vine–that the Olmec and later Mesoamerican peoples mixed to produce rubber, the elastic material essential to the pan-Mesoamerican ritual ball game. Professors Linn Hobbs, Dorothy Hosler, Samuel Allen and Heather Heatuer have announced a new summer institute to teach materials science relating to archaeology to humanities professors from other colleges.

The construction of domes was greatly facilitated by the invention of concrete, a process which has been termed the Roman Architectural Revolution. Allen will lead a module on “Damascus and Pattern-Welded Steels” about the legendary Damascus steel that awed Western cultures heatjer its toughness. Member feedback about List of Vassar College people: This is an alphabetic list of heafher in science and technology made by the Indigenous peoples of the Americas during the 15, years that they have inhabited the Americas.

Heather Nan Lechtman – MacArthur Foundation

Her area of specialty is prehistoric Andean metallurgy. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This polymer technology predated Goodyear’s vulcanization process by 3, years. A seated Buddha from Thailand c.