HARTOG COMMITTEE REPORT, The Government of India Act of did not satisfy the Indian people. In order to satisfy the Indian people it was felt. on constitutional reforms was to be appointed in But owing to the tary education. The auxiliary Committee popularly known as the Hartog Committee. formation of the Simon Commission in and the appointment of the Hartog Committee in alongwith its recommendations on Primary, Secondary.

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This includes discussion on the Montford reform and education in the Harttog of Diarchy. Simon Commission was appointed to inquire into the working of the administration under Government of India Act of Provisions for technical and industrial education should be made in the universities. Commjttee Committee pointed out the following special difficulties in the path of progress of primary education— The Committee realised that the majority of the Indian population reside in villages.

It was impossible for them to spend sufficient money for the progress of education. As a result of the report of the Hartog Committee the quality of primary education improved but the quantitative expansion suffered badly. Delhi university was established inNagpurAgraAndhra university in and Annamalai in Give an account of the educational development during and People wanted an education policy which dommittee lead to the increase in the rate of literacy. The First World War started in Europe in commiittee Simon Commission was authorised to appoint a committee to help it in preparing a report on education in India.

Philip Hartog – Wikipedia

Regarding secondary education the Hartog Committee laid emphasis on introducing industrial and commercial subjects, improvement of pay scale and service conditions of teachers etc. It is necessary for us to know the terms of reference of the Hartog Committee— The Hartog committee was appointed to enquire the organisation of committeee aspects of education in India and to give its suggestions for its over all improvement and progress.


It was valuable in the sense that it tried to committre the pulse of education in India. Answer briefly the following questions: The Committee studied the various aspects of education and submitted its report before the commission inIt put forward comprehensive recommendations in regard to various facts of education in India.

In his obituary it states, “Few educationists still working as did in octogenarian years could look back on so varied, strenuous, and fruitful a career comittee his. Retrieved November 15, What suggestions were made by the committee for improvement? The committee felt that there was unhealthy competition among the universities.

Notes for UPSC: Hartog Committee

He did much other work for the Jewish People. With a view to reducing the domination of the matriculation examination, the committee recommended— a The introduction of a more diversified curriculum in the middle vernacular schools, b The diversion of more boys to industrial and commercial careers at the end of the middle stage, for which provision should be made by alternative courses in that stage.

In order to improve the standard of higher education, the standard of the secondary examination should be raised. The Hartog Committee observed that hatrog problems of primary education were mostly rural in character rather than urban.

Philip Hartog

In this regard the committee said— a Remuneration and conditions of service of the secondary teachers are for from satisfactory. The Committee identified examination orientedness and large scale failure in the Matriculation examination as the main defects of secondary education. This resulted in the issue in of An Examination of Examinations. Students were attracted towards higher education.

But the Government did not choose to implement the recommendations on the teachers and no attempt hratog made to raise their salaries.

What did the Hartog Committee mean by Wastage and stagnation? Let us discuss the report of the Hartog Committee on different aspects of education. In this unit, we will first discuss the historical background of the setting up of the Hartog Harotg in The recommendations were welcomed by the committer but the Indian people, however, did not appreciate them. This reform brought diarchy in the system of administration in India. Villagers were poor, illiterate, conservative.


Since he was the chairman of the Committee, the Committee was known as Hartog Committee. Diarchy did not prove successful in India. Hartog committee recommended that the Harijans should receive education along with other caste Hindus and not in separate schools. Harfog in the training and service conditions of secondary teachers: By responding to the dissatisfaction felt by the Indian people about the Government of India Act ofthe Simon Commission was appointed on November 8,to inquire into the working of the administration under the Government of India Act, The report greatly assisted the presentation of facts and conclusions of the main body and is the most authoritative survey of the subject of our time.

He edited a history and description of the college[2] and both there and at the Victoria University he was an assistant lecturer in chemistry.

They could intervene even in the ckmmittee of teachers. In this exposure of haphazard methods and plans for reform, he had the collaboration of Dr. Besides, agricultural work was also responsible for poor attendance.

Recommendation of Hartog Commission (1929)

A department of education should be established at the centre to coordinate with the activities of the DPIs. Montford reform was introduced by the Government of India Act in The committee observed that primary education had become meaningless committee ineffective.

Kisch they were married inand three sons ensued. Physical and harfog conditions such as roads for communication, rainy season, and inaccessible conditions etc. Retrieved December 2, This involved the waste of time, effort and money of the pupils.

Sir Phillip Hartog had served as a number of the Sadler Commission. Recommendations on Secondary Education 3. Standard of the primary teachers should be improved.