SUPPORT HOME · Software · MANUALS · HOW TO DOWNLOAD MANUALS You can view, download and/or print your manual. Need help downloading?. GigaPan Capture Studio Manual. Capture Studio Overview. GigaPan Capture Studio allows you, the Photographer, the ability to tether your laptop directly to. GigaPan manuals are available to download and print. Choose your manual by visiting the manuals download page. Follow the directions below on how to.

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Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to sidebar Membership. Open the battery chamber gigapa the side of the EPIC by squeezing the two battery holder clips together and pulling the holder away from the unit.

Remove the battery holder and insert six AA batteries, then replace the holder, ensuring that both clips securely snap into place. Rechargeable NIMH or Lithium batteries are recommended Be prepared with a spare set gjgapan batteries, especially if using alkaline.

For the EPICextend the metal plate on the camera mounting plate by loosening the two thumbscrews and adjusting the metal plate to accommodate the size of your camera. Secure your camera to the camera mounting plate with the camera mounting screw, centering the lens with the diamond cutout.


Adjust the height and janual the rubber tip of the button pusher over your camera’s shutter button, then tighten the black screws. Attach the EPIC to a tripod. Set your camera to the proper settings before powering up the EPIC. For best results, disable any image stabilization or auto power down features.

Use maximum optical zoom and lock or manually set your focus and exposure.

Turn on the EPIC by holding down the power button. Follow the prompts on the EPIC screen. Capture your first panorama! If using alkaline, a spare set of batteries is recommended.

To manua, the battery on its own: Open the battery compartment by flipping the compartment latch counter-clockwise and pulling the battery away from the unit. Charge the battery using the power cord.

To charge the battery while it is on the Epic Pro: Plug the power cord into the unit’s battery port under the Mamual display. L evel the camera rail. Press the down button to select the ‘Move Camera’ menu item. Use the up and down arrows to move the camera rail to an approximate level position. Find the small silver pin on the bottom of the lever at the front of the camera mounting plate. Turn the silver pin clockwise, and then rotate the lever clockwise.

Now remove the camera mounting plate and attach it to your camera or lens.


EPIC Introduction

Ensure that it is securely fastened. Loosen the camera rail by turning the knob underneath the rail clockwise. Estimate the center of mass of the camera and lens. Adjust the camera rail so that the camera and lens are balanced at the center of the axis of rotation.

Set your camera to the proper settings. Select your camera’s Manual mode. Adjust the focus and exposure. Set an appropriate white balance, such as daylightcloudy, or tungsten.

Download Manuals, EPIC Pro Manual, EPIC Manual, EPIC Manual & Quick Start Guides

Connect the other end of the cable to the camera. Seven cables are provided Find out which cable is right for your camera by visiting the Camera Compatibility Page. Under ivtain menu find “Camera Setup”. Then use the directional keys to set the upper left and lower right corners of your panorama.


Take your first panorama! Use GigaPan Stitch software. Easily stitch and upload your panorama to GigaPan. About Vigapan Site Map. Member Log In Username Password.