Professor Dr. Edgardo Buscaglia is presently a Senior Scholar in Law and Economics at Columbia University (NY, USA), a Visiting Senior Academic at. Edgardo Buscaglia was a research fellow at the Hoover Institution until He is also the director of the International Law and Economic Development Center. Edgardo Buscaglia of Columbia University, NY (CU) with expertise in: International Economics, Development Economics and Welfare Economics. Read

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Edgardo Buscaglia’s academic publications since assess and measure through jurimetrics the impact of legal and judicial frameworks on economic and social development. Buscaglia currently also serves “pro bono” as President of the Institute for Citizens Action in Mexico.

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Enter a valid date range. The legal and economic analysis presented here empirically tests the theoretical framework advanced by Kugler, Verdier, and Zenou and This article provides a survey of the best international practices based on the judicial reform experiences of 82 eighty two International Review of Law and Economics Based on governance-related criteria, this article provides the empirical jurimetric verification of the how, where, when and why alternative dispute Brown Journal of World Affairs The paper provides a jurimetric identification of the legal and judicial factors explaining the best practices in implementing rules and Essays in Public Policy This paper provides a jurimetric account of the main political, social, criminal justice, and economic factors explaining the edtardo of Forum on Crime and Society Organized crime and corruption are shaped by the lack of strength of the control mechanisms of the State and civil For public policy design purposes, a scientific approach to the study of public sector corruption must be empirically verifiable through The economic factors behind international legal harmonization: Emerging Edgrdo Review This paper shows that the international harmonization of commercial legal rules and commercial legal standards in Latin America have been Law and Policy in International Business This publication advances a public agency-specific framework for the analysis of the causes of edgarco sector corruption in order to There is a widespread belief throughout Latin America that the judicial sector is not in a position to foster private Policy Studies Journal Contributions to Books 2.


Encyclopedia of Law and Economics Essays in Law and Economics Judicial Corruption in Developing Countries: Its Causes and Economic Consequences.