The U.S. Attorney’s Office filed a page indictment Wednesday, accusing Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora of 26 counts. A federal grand jury today indicted former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora with racketeering in a second, sweeping indictment. Plain Dealer reporter Mark Puente talks about portions of the indictment that discuss a woman trading sex with Dimora in exchange for a job.

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He denies wrongdoing and is expected to go to trial later this year. His attorney, William Doyle, could not be reached for comment.

If he did, I would say he is expletive lying. Following his cooperation, prosecutors have brought a flurry of new charges. Federal agents went public with their investigation in Julywhen they raided the home and offices of county officials, including Dimora’s, and the headquarters of contractors doing business with the county.

In exchange, Melaragno’s company installed an outdoor basketball court and a concrete pad for an outdoor bathroom at Dimora’s home, the charges state. The next year,the company poured concrete footers for Dimora’s outdoor bathroom. The racketeering charges are a first in the massive corruption investigation.

The charges also state that Mohammad, who also was charged in September, is accused of obstructing the investigation. One of the contractors was Melaragno, whose company poured the concrete footers for Dimora’s outdoor kitchen. In Octoberthe charges state, Mohammad spoke with Daniel Gallagher, a friend of Russo’s who pleaded guilty in to the corruption charges. Inductment charges do not estimate how much he owes.


The racketeering charges follow the disclosure in January that Russo is cooperating with prosecutors in an indictmejt to reduce a year prison sentence. Read the full indictment online. The new charges, which incorporate those made in a September indictment, accuse Dimora and cronies of corrupting nearly every aspect of county government.

Dimora – Third Superseding Indictment

A federal grand jury charged the former county commissioner with racketeering under the same laws used to dismantle organize crime across inrictment country. All told, the corruption investigation has resulted in guilty pleas by more than 50 contractors and public officials, including Russo, one of Dimora’s closest political allies.

In aboutDimora and his fellow commissioners gave Vandra Brothers various road contracts, the charges ddimora. And his crimes paid off, providing him with tens of thousands of dollars in cash, home improvements, sex and trips.

Dimora indicted (again) on federal racketeering, tax charges

Dimora left office in December, when a new charter government approved by corruption-weary voters replaced the commissioners and most other elected offices. Plain Dealer Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, shown in a file photo, was indicted today on federal racketeering and tax charges.


Prosecutors claimed that Mohammad dimorx bribes to obtain two jobs in the county.

Vimora steered contracts, fixed court cases, hired pals and the pals of pals, meddled with public loans and manipulated property values, according to the charges. He began calling contractors, seeking invoices for the work at his home so he could make payments.

That summer, Vandra Brothers provided and installed concrete for Dimora’s swimming pool, according dimorx the charges.

Jimmy Dimora was a crime boss who ran a syndicate out of the halls of county government.

Dimora indicted (again) on federal racketeering, tax charges |

More Plain Dealer coverage Dimora now being prosecuted under a law used to dismantle the Mafia Fake tree and tiki hut offered up as bribes to Russo and Dimora Jimmy Dimora at center of one of biggest local corruption cases in U. Russo is expected to testify against Dimora.

Dimora paid for the materials but not the labor, the charges state. Melaragno pleaded not guilty to the charges Wednesday.