Henry Wadsworth Longfellow () was one of the greatest American Poets of the 19th Century. Born in Portland, marine in Daybreak. by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A wind came up out of the sea, And said, O mists, make room for me. It hailed the ships, and cried, Sail on. The fifth poem in the Class XI WBCHSE English B syllabus is ‘Daybreak’ written by the internationally popular American poet Henry Wadsworth.

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And said, “Not yet! Read on to find the complete analysis of the poem. In 17th-century Wadsaorth, there was a group of poets who, while they did form a formal group, have been considered the metaphysical poets. English department Roll No: Kaushal Desai kaushaldesai gmail. Grammatically Perfect, Semantically Absurd: The wind shouted through the belfry tower and awoke the bell to proclaim the hour.

The English project for Class XI had been given to us a little while ago and we were blessed or burdened with three different genres – Dr Unknown March 21, at 8: It touched the wood-bird’s folded wing.

They are looked after and nourished by it. And said, “O mists, make room for me. It whispered to the fields of corn. Subscribe To The Perspectives. Keeping in mind the flow of the wind the poet applies a breezy style to the poem. Language, Diction, Mood, Structure.

They should be grateful to the sun. It makes the foliage in the forest move along merrily wqdsworth if almost telling them to hang their leafy banners out. At the time when he wrote this, the Church was in a miserable state. Titas Biswas April 24, at 8: So make it flow your way is there, visible and so grab it and experienced it with full passion.


But in the very nest line gives the idea of it which makes compulsion of passion and healing the way and the way you can make, and by these very enthusiastic lines archive the goal of heart and mind to be concern. It first sees the ships anchored.

Titas Biswas September 1, at 4: The sixth couplet describes the surroundings and the time by wadswortb the fact that the wind encourages the rooster expressed in the poem as the chanticleer to bellow her clarion as it is the arrival of day.

Titas Biswas October 7, at 4: It makes the church bell ring and thus makes it announce the arrival of the hour, that of the early morning.

“Daybreak” Poem Analysis

And hurried landward far away. It said unto the forest, “Shout!

We find many poets and writers, in and around this time, had written articles against the Church- condemning the Church. Actual aspect of life and ultimate glory s here with this last couplet and also the whole phrase is with the wind arrives at the graveyard of the church but here the message of wind is changed.

Titas Biswas October 23, at 1: The use of several words together that begins with the same sound or letter in order to make a special effect. It prompts the domestic cocks to herald the bt. The last couplet is daybrwak legendary touch and transforms the entire mood of the poem.



It shows happy mood of the wind. Because this is one life and once in a while we live and we live with fully enthusiastically and our work must get done. Kinjal April 24, at 3: As given in the textbook,Longfellow presents day as a special presence that is hailed and before whom everybody bows. There is a remarkable use of exclamatory mark! Actually, the first thought which makes the urging mood to determine the first aspect with windand here winds generally flow from the sea to the land at day and the vice versa happens at night.

And said, “O bird, awake and sing. So here we observe very fine themes that give the idea of background work to understand this poem. Here poem gives the idea of alive life and be ready for challenges and opportunities to grab it.

Daybreak by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Review of Daybreak

A Poem is more what a reader comprehends than what a writer actually writes. Hang all your leafy banners out! He was blind to the sufferings of his children. What is metaphysical poetry?