Convergent validity with SF and WOMAC questionnaires was evaluated. .. La versión española del SF Health Survey (Cuestionario de. WOMAC assesses pain stiffness and physical function in persons with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis. The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC) is widely used in the evaluation of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis. It is a self- administered.

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Gonalgia by ozone therapy intraarticular knee osteoarthritis.

WOMAC Osteoarthritis Index – Physiopedia

The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index WOMAC is a widely used, proprietary set of standardized questionnaires used by health professionals to evaluate the condition of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee and hipincluding pain, stiffness, and physical functioning of the joints.

The WOMAC Index has been used extensively in clinical trials, and has generally been shown to exhibit greater or comparable responsiveness to change than other tests. The analysis cuestionafio the ceiling and floor effect reflected scorings almost insignificant.

As observed in Tables 5 study. The values for patients with a hip replacement were 1. Cross-cultural comparisons of the content of SF translations across 10 countries: Help Center Find new research papers in: If we try to get together variables from a questionnaire as factors, there must be certain relationship between the variables.

Int J Ment Health. The item-rest correlation advises the removal of item 6 Which fuestionario the following statements best describes your ability to get around most of the time during the past week? Retrieved from ” https: El primero se basa en la cohorte de los pacientes con EPOC descritos anteriormente Evidence from a recent methodological study in Spain. Association between educational level and health related quality of life in Spanish adults.


Recommendations for the registration of drugs used in the ; Male erectile dysfunction and health-related quality of life. Skip to main content.

J South Orthop Assoc ;6: The content on or accessible through Physiopedia is for informational purposes only. Development of a short osteoporosis quality of life questionnaire by equating items from two existing instruments. It is larger when the partial correlations among variables are small [ 8 ]. This could be a cuesyionario of the fact that the data respectively. Several alternative options were proposed, and the final composition was that exposed in version 1.

Acta Orthop Scand ; For the reliability study cuestionatio used another sample of 58 Introduction patients who received the WOMAC twice within 15 days. Measuring improvement following total hip and knee arthroplasty using patient-based measures of outcome. Moreover, questionnaire scores predicted mortality and were able to detect improvement due to therapeutic interventions such as coronary angioplasty, benign prostatic hyperplasia cuestiionario, and non-invasive positive pressure home ventilation.

With this aim, patients filled out versions 1. Samper Bernal 1,2,3G. It has been translated into more than 65 languages.

WOMAC Osteoarthritis Index

Finally, the definitive version of question 1 was: Ceiling and floor effects: A WOMAC test takes about 12 minutes, but is also available in a short form, although this has not been as extensively tested as the full version.

III and attempt to define conditions for optimal induction of cytokines. Posteriormente, los traductores se reunieron con el investigador principal J. The divergent validity was studied according to levels of severity. The burden of musculoskeletal diseases in the general population of Spain: None 0Mild 1Moderate 2Severe 3and Extreme 4.


El Cuestionario de Salud SF español: una década de experiencia y nuevos desarrollos

Several options were discussed in order to change the composition Tense, Rigid, Numb, Feeling of rigidness, Painful. Percentage of patients with missing items: Los objetivos principales cuestionarrio tratamiento deben ser: Quality of life of patients on the waiting list for benign prostatic hyperplasia surgery.

Calidad de vida en asma: Instru- stiffness, and 0. The SF Health Survey as a genereic outcome measure in clinical 1. Walking on flat surfaces. J Bone Joint Surg [Am] ; This is generally done by comparing [9,24]. Agradecimientos Los autores agradecen especialmente a la coordinadora M. Rev Esp Reumatol Las escalas Salud general y Vitalidad mostraron correlaciones significativas con ambas componentes principales.

Transcultural adaptation and validation of the “Hip and Knee” questionnaire into Spanish

Translation revision and composition of the first intermediate version Spanish. Ferrer M, Alonso J. The number of patients with a missing item was Seventy-nine articles were found, of which 17 evaluated the metric characteristics of the questionnaire.