Here is my request if someone can or is willing to do this, I have done some research and read that these files can be converted to DXF, DWG. We have got a problem converting files from our HP ME10 CAD system into DXF format to be read into Autocad R Our ME10 has crashed and burned, so is. Creo Elements/Direct Drafting now owned by PTC, and formerly called ME10 is a CAD software application exclusively for 2D drawings, especially in.

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We can also search for illegal part names or rename those. My strong advice for anybody still using ME derived software is to bail out as soon as possible. I do appreciate you attempting to help, thank you.

The largest number of files we have done in a single batch is converh 10, By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. Somehow, somebody will simply have to enact a solution that doesn’t cost anything upfront that generates a PO.

Never did get a straight answer as to what went wrong. The number may be higher or lower depending on the items mentioned above. I’m going to drive a stake into the heart of this software the moment the company convrrt get out from under it.

ME-10 to DXF Mass Translation Service

For some very large jobs where we need more than 4 Gbytes of disk storage space we add a small surcharge. Pricing and Delivery Our price per file decreases with the number of files. I hate it when short sighted bean counters make decisions that bite someone else in the arse.


We can give you a firm quote after evaluating a portion of your files.

Tl with the problem borrowed a off me and ke10 off someone else and worked their way up via temporary installs, fortunately the legacy versions of the program disks had been kept, to get files which could be opened in a then modern machine.

It’s a problem I’ll have to deal with when the current CAD guy retires in 8 weeks. ME 10 File Conversion Could really use some advice from the collective.

Japan, and China there aren’t any of the batch converters or companies around to do this. I’m attempting to pursue a solution because a problem that doesn’t directly affect corporate seems to have less of a priority, it’s been 4 weeks already. You have to explode it to get to any individual geometry but all dimensions and features come out as separate entities. We may need to purchase or rent special hardware or software to do this.

Now that everybody bailed out of the program except Germany.

ME to DXF Mass Translation Service

As I recall matters those files were originally created with a based machine and the more modern processor didn’t want to know. At least I’ve got a front row seat for the follies that shall certainly follow.

Pass me the popcorn. Thank you for your attempt to help me, it should help someone. Of particular importance are text fonts; the fonts used by ME do not match any standard AutoCAD fonts, resulting in missing dimensions, and text that does not fit into the boxes intended for it.

We have been doing such translations since This is now squarely beyond the limit my knowledge. If not, our scanning software reports this so we can obtain these files prior to starting any type of translation.


That was nice of you to offer some help but I’d been gone from the company for many months when you posted and did not see your reply. I appreciate your reply even if it merely confirmed the difficulties others have had, thanks ATR.

Probably should have covert more questions before I hired in here 4 months ago. Others require significant time to put onto our convsrt, often because the backup method did not preserve the file hierarchy. Getting a complete and accurate translation – Since ME has some unique features that may not exist on the target CAD system, the translator needs to be fairly sophisticated to rebuild some data items in a useful way.

The decision makers in management can’t be bothered by problems that don’t affect them directly or they wouldn’t have allowed it to reach this stage in the first place. We have also developed special software to read older backup tapes from Pascal workstations including hard disk images.

However, your reply may be of some help to someone else that’s in a similar predicament with ME Some of our clients would like the translated files on special media, such as optical disk. I feel your pain. If your hardware is old, loading each drawing and saving it as an MI file could take several minutes per drawing.