MATHEMATICS IN CHAMAKAM. Mathematics is a part of our daily life in several ways. Hence, it is no wonder that it has come to occupy an important place in. SRI RUDRAM with meaning Srirudram, also known as Rudraprasna, is a hymn devoted to lord Shiva. Sri Rudram comprises of two parts. The first part known as . Sri Rudram With Meaning – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Sri Rudram (Namakam and Chamkam) with meaning.

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Chamakam English Translation

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. May you grant me the gift of eloquent speech and a sane and healthy meainng. The sun and moon are your eyes, the burning fire your face.

Namah svabhyah svapati bhyascha vo namah Salutations to you who are in the form of hunters and that of the leaders of the hounds. It also involves meahing spiritual elevations, and makes it as Jnana Yajna.

Yo te sahasramayutam pasha mrityo martyaya hantave Tanyagyasya mayaya sarvanava yajamahe Oh Death in the form of Rudra. Namo yamyaya cha, kshemyaya cha Salutations to Him who is in the worlds of Yama and in the worlds of safety. May I attain welfare and prosperity in this world and spiritual welfare in the other world. The ninth is the prime prayer consists of all the contents of four Vedas.

Nama urmyaya chavas vanyaya cha Salutations to Him who is in great waves and in the still waters. Cha,akam instruments embody the form of the sacrifice. The property of the Strong Force that exerts, promotes desire, fondness, longing and attraction is invoked chamaka praised. Actually these numbers represent a polymer chain chamakqm molecules that form the Apa.

To gain the favor and goodwill of that supreme and effulgent God Rudra, let us worship Him, honor and adore Him by salutations.

Hence Amba is the Mother. Let Prajapati and Indra shower grace on me.

| சமகம் | Chamakam

The tenth invokes all the biological species to co-operate in his daily wealth and also for the sacrificial fire. Nama shangaya cha pashupataye cha Salutations to Him who brings happiness and who is the Lord of all creatures. Hence, the title meanng this is ” Arthendram ” or invocation to the Gods coupled with Indra.


Rudra is the force behind this formation of leptons, radiation and subsequent triggering of the Sacrifice that we know today as Cosmic evolution. CHAMAKAM SECOND ANUVAKA Jyaishhthyam cha ma aadhipathyam cha me manyushcha me bhaamashcha meamashcha meambhashcha me jemaa cha me mahimaa cha me varimaa cha me prathimaa cha me varshhmaa cha me draaghuyaa cha me vriddham cha me vriddhishcha me satyam cha me shraddhaa cha me jagachcha me dhanam cha me vashashcha me tvishhishcha me kriidaa cha me modashcha mejaatam cha me janishhyamaanam cha me suuktam cha me sukritam cha me vittam cha me vedyam cha me bhuutam cha chajakam bhavishhyachcha me cgamakam cha me supatham cha ma riddham cha ma riddhishcha me kliptam cha me kliptishcha me matishcha me sumatishcha me I implore for granting of these to me.

Getting angry at our transgressions hurts not only our children, our sons in particular, but also our cattle and horses, and our warriors.

These chamakak are fundamental in nature and are the third and seventh dimension of the force of Rudra. With the ten fingers joined, I bow to them in the east, the south, the west, the north and upwards. The numbers one, three, five indicate the base-pairs of mtDNA.

Namo vrukshebhyo harikeshebhyah pashunam pataye namo Namah Salutations maening the trees tufted with green leaves; salutations to the Lord of the cattle. Namo hrasvaya cha vamanaya cha Salutations to Him who assumes a small size, and Him who is in the form of a dwarf.

This force is behind the Quarks, Leptons and Bosons. The readers are cautioned that the transliteration has been given only to identify the anuvaakas and sukthaas and not for chanting. First, as always to Ganesha the remover of obstacles and then to each meanning the deities being worshipped in turn. Nama chamzkam ratha kar bhyascha vo namah Salutations to you who are in the form of those who teach the chariot driving to others, and those who drive the vehicles themselves.

The 4th is the “Food and Drink” Anuvaka which craves for grains that sustain urkcha may soonruthaa cha may. Varuna is primarily electrons lepton. Thus it talks about Mesons which does the internal bonding between protons meanimg neutrons. It hails this force as the regulator of Universal order, Lord of the Universe itself.

The numbers 4 to 48 represent the 48 million nuclear bases of DNA. Let me think sweet thoughts; let me perform sweet actions which bear sweet fruits; let me bear sweet offerings, let my speech and praise chanakam sweet; let me utter words which sound sweet to the Gods; let me utter sweet words to men who would lend their ears.


In the second Anuvaka, Rudra is prayed to as one who pervades the chamakaj and as the green foliage and heritage of medicinal herbs. A sanskrit sloka runs: Hence it talks about Soma the energy in physics and fatty acids in biological domain.

Meaaning puja is an offering of various items such as water, rice, fruit, flowers, light, and incense along with the repetition of some slokas and from 27 to names of the deity being chhamakam.

Let His arrows lose their capacity to strike and pierce. This complete evolutionary process is explained as a sacrifice in Anuvaka Eight. Nila griva shiti kantha sharva adhah kshama charah The Rudra Ganas, blue throated, where the Kalakuta poison rested; and white throated in other portions; those Rudras who dwell in the nether regions; we shall cause the strings of their bows to be loosened, and the bows themselves to be deposited thousands of yojanas far away from us.

May my passage in this world be always smooth and may I be endowed with spiritual merit in my afterlife. Keaning varshyaya cha chavarshyaya cha Salutations to Him who is born in chqmakam rivers as river water and in the absence of rains. Assume your peaceful and auspicious Siva form and become well-intentioned towards us.

I map Mitras to Photons. Maning I be granted total resistance and immunity from major and minor ailments.

Indra in particular is Proton, in my understanding, which is also the first element, Hydrogen ion. This comprises of 11 parts.

The interpretations provided in these are mine. Anonymous Sunday, June 22, Shivena vachasa tva giri shacchavadamasi Yatha nah sarvam ijjaga dayakshmam sumana asatthu Lord of Mount Kailash of the Vedas! You are Protector of the chaakam of evolution, spread and end of evolution till the last descendant of the evolution. Pari te dhanvano hetir asman vrunaktuvisvatah Atho ya ishudhis tavare asmannidhehi tarn 11 Let the arrow of your bow spare us in all ways.