The basis of the major motion picture starring Billy Bob Thornton, KimBasinger and Mickey Rourke, The Informers is a seductive and chillingly. The Informers. Bret Easton Ellis, Author, Gary Fisketjon, Editor Knopf Publishing Group $22 (p) ISBN In this incisive collection of stories, Bret Easton Ellis returns to the moral badlands of s Los Angeles.

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Tim’s dad finds him up in their room smoking marijuana, causing him to attempt in vain to apologize. I always went around smugly asking those who liked the film: The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis.

Wasn’t that a really annoying run-on sentence?

They go to the beach and relax in the sun, until Tim meets a girl his age, named Rachel. I wish there had been some distinction, either on the cover or the chapter titles, that these were more themed short stories rather than a linear novel. His father tries to apologise but Tim ignores him, driving in the final tne that they have lost their connection. This time is the early eighties.

How much of Bret Easton Ellis’s work have you seen? This collection of stories set in Los Angeles in the s offers plenty informerw food for thought, particularly when it comes to philosophy and morality. Style over substance perhaps, but there’s so much style that there’s still a lot of substance for those paying attention.

It’s really more a elllis of horrible short stories connected only by the chracter This story lacks subject. His characters are young, generally vacuous people, who are aware of their depravity but choose to enjoy it. It’s really more a series of horrible short stories connected only by the chracters that are mentioned. I consider Ellis a fine American novelist who is responding to the times with a vengeance.

The Curse of Downers Grove. It’s very episodic, like Pulp Fiction on cocaine, Nembutal, pot and high end alcohol and even veers into horror territory there’s a story about uber-hip Wayfarer wearing vampires. Later that evening, Tim and his father have dinner with Rachel. No trivia or quizzes yet. The Informers is set in various cities in California in the ‘s but Los Angeles is the primary playground. Hell, Goodreads even claims it’s a novel. Danny informs her that Ricky, the boyfriend of Danny’s pal, Biff, has been murdered.


After the phone call, she meets up with Reynolds for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Tim and his friends Raymond, Dirk, and Graham gather at Mario’s restaurant, where Raymond recalls that it is the one-year-anniversary of the death of Jamie, a mutual acquaintance of the boys’. This is most likely Bryan Metro’s wife who also tries to kill herself and is discussed in the chapter Discovering Japan.

Dirk was following Jamie’s car through the desert when Jamie crashed it, and Dirk pulled Jamie’s body from the wreck and waited with it until help arrived.

One night, left alone with Mary, Tommy attempts to have sex with her. His stories encompass more diverse elements and perspectives, and for the most part, are quite engaging. Now, after re-reading the book the connection between stories is more apparent, the two most common links are tumbleweeds and everything takes place ihformers L.

For other uses, see Informer disambiguation. Who are the informers? An unnamed protagonist spends the day at the zoo with her married lover, Bruce, a television writer who has been using her for money and sex while promising to leave his wife. Lists with This Book. Now I can sympathise and understand but they certainly come across informerd more annoying than anything else, much like all of the characters Ellis uses in his novels.

All of them selfish and unfeeling, yet finding comfort and safety in their disconnected nature. Even though it worked for me, I would dissuade those interested from starting with American Psycho for several reasons.

I realize this was supposed to BE highlighting the uglier side of the bored wealthy families in LA in the 80s, but still – the dialogue was too shallow even for that. Disappear Here producer announced.

Bret Easton Ellis – IMDb

He is considered to be one of the major Generation X authors and was regarded as one of the so-called literary Brat Pack, which also included Tama Janowitz and Jay McInerney. Bruce mentions how things have deteriorated ever since sleeping with Lauren, the girlfriend of his wealthy roommate, Robert. This one was a re-read. Neither Cheryl nor Danny truly seem to care, though Danny claims he does. When Tommy brings up the man that Peter shot and castrated, Peter is genuinely confused, and indicates he does not know what Tommy is talking about.


While he btet the two boys, he begins to see signs that the two boys he thinks are friends, may have a more physical relationship.

Had he made love to a number of them, or only one? Worth picking up if you’re an Ellis fan, but if you find his style at all tiresome I’d skip over it for one of his more conservative pieces.

There were some great descriptions and maybe one chapter that pulled some emotional strings for me, but overall it was hard Decent, but my least favorite BEE books so far. The next section is where the narrator gets a call from her mother. My thoughts echo when it comes to this book, minus the violence and thoughts of bleeding out to ensure vital signs are functioning, with that said I am glad to be leaving their bleak alien world and I appreciate this unique reading experience.

Initially, Peter and Mary only prove to be a minor nuisance, as the morbidly obese Peter binge-eats all day and watches cartoons while Mary shoots up in the bedroom. At the other end, I found myself less sickly amused, more just sickenedby the agonising torture scenes. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Informers

We live in a materialistic age, drug use is a serious problem, today’s teens have no substance – what exactly is the message here? Go ahead, read it, and see if you can find any sort of meaning behind all of this because I sure as hell can’t. Ellis employs stock characters, in the sense eastln Bergman worked with stock actors.