Blumenberg, Hans. [Schiffbruch mit Zuschauer. English] Shipwreck with spectator ; paradigm of a metaphor for existence I Hans Blumenberg; translated by. Shipwreck with Spectator: Paradigm of a Metaphor for Existence. Hans Blumenberg. MIT Press () Blumen Berg: Topoi in Blumenberg’s Philosophy. As Blumenberg’s dizzying mastery of ancient texts in this text shows, 5 Hans Blumenberg, Shipwreck with Spectator: paradigm for a metaphor for existence.

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S hipwreck with Spectator. W e frequently think of our life as a journey, on the model of a seafaring voyage.

Shipwreck With Spectator: Paradigm of a Metaphor for Existence – Hans Blumenberg – Google Books

Ever since high school, I have recalled the line from Sophocles’ Oedipus at Colonus: I remember wondering whether I was past the middle of my journeywhen, at about age 33, I read Lionel Trilling’s novel: The Middle of blumebberg Journey H ans Blumenberg’s essay: There are thousands who are wrecked in port.

Through this figure is expressed a justification of T his life is in fact kept going only by means of things that can also be fatal for it People shipwreck everywhere, even in a small brook” p. C uriosity is a form of sensibility from which the slightest danger tears us away, forcing us to be concerned with ourselves alone.


F or this reason, the theater illustrates the human condition in its purest form Only when the spectators have been shown to their secure places can the drama of human imperilment be played out before them. This tension, this distance, can never be great enough.

And the key to everything lies in the securityin the unsuffering condition of the curious being. W hat happens on the sea M an leads two lives, one concrete and the other abstract. In the first, he is “prey to all the storms of spfctator life, and to the influence of the present, and must struggle, suffer, and die like the brute.

Hans Blumenberg, Shipwreck with Spectator: Paradigm of a Metaphor for Existence – PhilPapers

Our ancestors, then, were able to swim, and no doubt — using specattor scraps of wood floating around — they somehow initially put together a raft, and then continually improved it, until today it has become such a comfortable ship that we do not have the courage any more to jump into the water and start all over again from the beginning.

Can we ever move beyond the plank? B ut the sea evidently specttaor material other than what has already been used. Where can it come from, in order to give courage to the ones who are beginning anew?


Shipwreck with Spectator: Paradigm of a Metaphor for Existence

Perhaps from earlier shipwrecks? Aesthetics and the Ethics of the Spectator p. O nly God can be a true spectator, and he has no interest in this role. Nevertheless, the late Middle Ages — forgetting Aristotle’s doctrine of the exclusiveness of the unmoved mover’s self-preoccupation — made God into a spectator of the theater of the world. As if God had interrupted his eternity only for that purpose, all creatures became for him, as Luther put it, “masks and mummers” in a ” game of God’sblumenebrg has allowed them to exalt themselves a little bit.

Shipwreck With Spectator: Paradigm of a Metaphor for Existence

The play is without ‘why. Leisure is the basis of culture. Return to brief quotes about time it’s About time. Spectator Misu Maine Coon cat.

A life’s journey begins: The Voyage of the Mimi. Read about some of my experiences growing older aging. Read Medieval morality play: The Summoning of Everyman.