The Astral Plane – C W Leadbeater. PREFACE. Few words are needed in sending this little book out into the world. It is the fifth of a series of Manuals designed. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Charles W. Leadbeater. · Rating details · ratings · 24 reviews. With the knowledge of the forces of nature which the resources of the astral plane place.

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We account for it mainly by two remarkable characteristics of the astral world — first, that many of its inhabitants have a marvellous power of changing their forms with Protean rapidity, and also of casting practically unlimited glamour over those with whom they choose to sport; and secondly, that sight on that plane is a faculty very different from and much more extended than physical vision.

Theosophy : Astral Plane by C.W. Leadbeater : :

Such, for example, are the particles composing the atmosphere, all the various emanations which are always being given out by everything that has life, and also four grades of a still finer order of physical matter which, for want of more distinctive names, are usually described as ‘etheric’.

Leadbeater is obviously an extremely gifted clairvoyant, and extremely progressive and non judgmental by early s standards, but occasionally his analysis comes as a little morally dogmatic or literal. All cultured people, belonging to the higher races of the world, have at the present time their astral senses very fairly developed, so that, if they were sufficiently aroused to examine the realities which surround them during sleep, they would be able to observe them and learn much from them.

It has been stated above that after the death of the physical body the astral vehicle is comparatively quickly rearranged, and the etheric double cast off — this latter body being destined to slow disintegration, precisely as is the astral shell at a later stage of the proceedings. One of the ‘mandatory course books’ in the curriculum of metaphysics.

In the case asyral the vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms, the complications are naturally much c numerous.

The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants & Phenomena

There was always a loophole for doubt. HAVING sketched in, however slightly, the background of our picture, we must now attempt to fill in the figures — to describe the inhabitants of the astral plane. The effort to resist the rearrangement, and restore the astral body to its former condition, is precisely similar to that which has to be made in resisting a strong desire during physical life.

His recollection of what he has seen may vary according to the degree of his development through all the stages from perfect clearness to utter distortion or blank oblivion. However, He recommended me to make a few efforts along certain lines, which He pledged me not to divulge to anyone pane except with His direct authorization, and told me that He would Himself watch over those efforts to see that no danger should ensue.

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It contains, for instance, globes modelled to show the configuration of the Earth at various epochs of time; it was from these globes that Bishop Leadbeater drew the maps which were published in another transaction plan the London Lodge, that on Atlantis by W.

Reading this book is like going through an imaginary voyage to a land you’re not sure you believe exists. Annika rated it really liked it Apr 12, This, however, did not bother him because Bishop Leadbeater had certain occult planne which he did not reveal to others, though I have observed them on certain occasions.

One morning he informed me that the Laedbeater K.

Whether he will remember fully and accurately on the physical plane what he has done or learnt on the other depends largely upon whether he is able to carry his consciousness without intermission from the one state to the other. When leafbeater departed brother is sinking peacefully and naturally into the unconsciousness which [63] precedes his awakening amid the glories of the heaven-world, he is too frequently aroused from his dreamy happiness into vivid remembrance of the earth-life which he has lately left, solely by the action of the passionate sorrows and desires of his friends on earth, which awaken corresponding vibrations in his own desire-body, and so cause him acute discomfort.

He began writing a little at a time, on scraps of paper which were the opened envelopes.

Meanwhile, however, he is losing no time, for he is as fully himself as ever he was, and is able to go on with the work given him by his Master even more quickly and efficiently than when in the physical body, since he is no longer hampered by the possibility of fatigue.

When for any reason connected with his sublime work he found it desirable to do so, he would probably create a temporary astral body for the purpose from the atomic matter of the plane, just as the Adept in the mind-body would do, simply because his more refined vesture would be invisible to astral sight. They may be subdivided into ten principal classes, as follows:. Our author selected as his topic “The Astral Plane”. I had of course heard of that power, but knew very little about it, and at any rate supposed it to be absolutely out of reach for Western people.

The astral plane : its scenery, inhabitants, and phenomena

It should be understood that the matter of each of these planes differs from that of the one below it in the same way as, though to a much greater degree than, vapour differs from solid matter; in fact, the states of matter which we call solid, liquid, and gaseous are merely the three lowest sub-divisions of the matter belonging to this one physical plane.

The Suicide and the victim of sudden death. At leadbeter time that the lecture for the London Lodge was being prepared, I was residing with [xii] Mr. Written back inwhen it was not common to disclose this kind of information to the general public, it’s still useful and a must read.


Many members of the class we are considering do not really attain an intelligent appreciation of this fact of evolution at all, but drift through their astral interlude in the same aimless manner in which they have spent the physical portion of their lives.

Inflamed with all kinds of horrible appetites which they call no longer satisfy directly now they are without a physical body, they gratify their loathsome passions vicariously through a medium or any sensitive person whom they can obsess; and they take a devilish delight in using all the arts of delusion which the astral plane puts in their aetral in order to lead others into the same excesses which have proved so fatal to themselves.

The writing took three or four weeks, as he was occupied in various kinds of work for his livelihood, and so could write only when time was available for writing. Deep stuff Too flippin’ deep for me, plus boring. Feb 08, Sathya Jayapaul rated it really liked it Shelves: We have a fair analogy on the physical plane.

The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants & Phenomena by Charles W. Leadbeater

It contains various old leqdbeater relating to extinct and [xv] present religions, and other material useful for an understanding of the work of the “Life Wave” on this globe, our Earth. My receptive frame of mind eventually gave way as the author seemed to become ever more dogmatic and superior, stressing that it was forbidden to divulge certain mysteries, that teaching should only be imparted by ‘Adepts’ due to the dangerous nature of this plane, and that all he was describing was naturally as in ‘nature’ scientific rather than supernatural, the information gathered by explorations of members of the Theosophical Society and verified by comparison between them.

Although the poverty of physical language forces us to speak of these sub-planes as higher and lower, we must not fall into the mistake of thinking of them or indeed of the greater planes of which they are only subdivisions as separate localities in space — as lying above one another like the shelves of a book-case or outside one another like the coats of an onion.

We know already how mankind has been exploited economically and industrially by selfish minds, controlling the resources of Nature. Besant and Bishop Leadbeater which continued right to the end of their lives.

In many cases they spend long periods of acute mental suffering before plqne can free themselves from the fatal influence of that hideous blasphemy, and realize that the world is governed not according to the caprice of some demon who gloats over human anguish, but according to a benevolent and wonderfully patient law of evolution. The Psychically-developed Person who is not under the guidance leadbeayer a Master. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

This was deeply intriguing.