With this calculator you can calculate your Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) score based on the US Army PFT standards. Enter your age, and results in the. Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard. For use of this form, see FM ; the proponent agency is TRADOC. GENDER. UNIT. APD PE vES. WEIGHT: DATE. Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard. NAME (LAST, FIRST, MIDDLE). For use of this form, see FM ; the proponent is TRADOC. SSN. GENDER. UNIT.

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The resistance is set by a tension strap on a weighted pendulum connected to the flywheel. Soldiers profiled for two or more events must take the two-mile run or an alternate aerobic event to PASS the test. The following paragraphs describe procedures for APFT administration. Reports results of test. The success of any physical fitness testing program depends on obtaining valid and accurate test results; therefore, the APFT must be administered properly to accurately evaluate individual Soldier and unit physical fitness.

Event scorers require a clipboard, TC Individual Soldiers are not authorized to administer the APFT to themselves to simply satisfy record test requirements. Timer and back-up timer.

The cycle ergometer must be calibrated prior to test administration. Forms can be filled out on screen or by hand. The event supervisor will assign each Soldier to a lane and tell the Soldier to enter the water. Once the profile has been lifted, the Soldier must be given twice the length of the profile not to exceed 90 days to train for the regular three event APFT.

To convert meters to yards, multiply the number of meters by In other words, what ca While those times are certainly slower than the scoring for the existing APFT, leaders are taking into account that soldiers are going right into the run following five other taxing events.

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Commanders must ensure that physical fitness testing does not form the foundation of unit or individual PRT programs. Therefore, Soldiers running on a meter track must run an additional 61 feet, 4 inches.

APFT Sit-Up Standards

The test site should have the following:. Silver Star upgraded Jan. Whether you’re thinking of joining amy military, looking for fitness and basic training tips, and keeping up with military life and benefits, Military.

Soldiers with temporary profiles of long duration more than three months may take an alternate aerobic event as determined by the commander with input from health-care personnel. The Soldier taking the apt sets the speed by selecting the gear they wish to ride in. Popular Swimming Pool Workouts During the winter months, many people who email me are looking for an alternative to running outside.

The Army PFT Calculator

Administers one or more test events. The use of support personnel depends on local policy and unit standing operating procedures. Neither are devices or equipment that offer any potential for unfair advantage during testing. Administrative and support requirements for this event follow.

You cannot bounce off the ground. Soldiers on permanent physical profile are given a DA Form A preparation area can be same as briefing area. Pray said the standards for the PT test have not been finalized. A relatively flat course with a uniform surface and no obstacles must be used. Training of event supervisors, scorers, timer, back-up timer demonstrators, and support personnel. The event supervisor requires two stopwatches the timer and back-up timer each require a stopwatchTC Soldiers in BCT must attain 50 points in each event and an overall score of points.


A soft, flat, dry area for push-ups and sit-ups.

The scorer counts the correct number of repetitions out loud, repeats the last number of the correct repetitions when incorrect repetitions are performed, and verbally corrects push-up and sit-up performances.

Scorers must observe the Soldiers during the entire event and must ensure that the Soldiers maintain a walking stride. One lap on a meter track is 92 inches shorter than one lap on a yard sckrecard. Push-up event narrative A-6 TC From the beginning of the push-up event to the completion of all remaining events, the total time elapsed cannot exceed two hours. There is no point score annotated on the DA Form for the performance of alternate aerobic events.

Workout of the Aft She covers personnel, fitness, the sergeant major screcard the Army and various other lifestyle issues affecting soldiers.

Responsibility includes the following: Elsewhere, jobs like combat engineer, field artillery and pilots fall into the heavy category, while military police, firefighters and helicopter mechanics are in the significant category.

One scorecard will be maintained for each Soldier. One event supervisor, one scorer for every three Soldiers, one timer, one back-up timer, and support personnel to ensure proper control and safety.

Refer to Figure A for scoring of this event. There are no exceptions to this sequence.