aqtf learner questionnaire pdf Quality indicator reporting; Go to top of page You are required to use the Learner Questionnaire (PDF) Do I have to use the. By the end of , school RTOs need to ensure that their VET enrolment and Learner Engagement — Learner Survey Guide, Learner. compulsory AQTF Learner / Employer Satisfaction Resources along with the SMART The Learner & Employer Questionnaires are also available for a PC (not a Mac) running Microsoft Office Professional or

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In most cases, RTOs already had very genuine and meaningful learner and employer feedback arrangements and this new requirement forced them to either discard their current arrangements or continue to apply them parallel to the new mandatory system.

In my opinion, this was a very sad day for the VET sector.

This was a welcome decision as the SMART database had huge deficiencies, particularly in the way it retained data from year to year and quewtionnaire its reporting structure which was difficult to interpret. In my audits over this period, I have seen the majority of RTOs collecting the survey data for compliance purposes only.


The completed survey forms often pile up in a draw until May each year when they are entered into SMART for the 30 June reporting requirement. It is extremely rare to see an RTO make the connection between the reporting of satisfaction trends and their continuous improvement approach. ASQA has issued a general direction on this click here to see and provided a simple form called the Quality Indicator Annual Summary Report which allows an RTO to report the outcomes relating to response rates, trends, feedback and improvements actions, nice!

Finally we are moving to a position where we are linking the collection and analysis of data with our continuous improvement actions. We have RTOs contact us regularly looking for a solution to this problem.

To provide a solution to this problem, Newbery Consulting has developed a nice simple database that will allow you to progressively enter your survey results and produce reports over any date range. It will produce qqtf summary report and a detailed report for both the learner and employer satisfaction trends. It uses the traffic light system to guide management decisions about how to respond when your satisfaction levels are low.

Power Pro RTO – F.A.Q. – How do I generate the Learner/Employer survey statistic report?

At Newbery Consulting we are serious about supporting the VET sector with practical, common sense products that support quality and questionnaife your compliance. Satisfaction Data will complement the continuous improvement arrangements of those using our RTO System. Satisfaction Data is a split Microsoft Access database file.


Microsoft Office Professional is the version that has Microsoft Access which is a database program.

There is more information on system requirements on the request page. Satisfaction Data is not a supported software and is not eligible for lezrner support from Newbery Consulting or updates.

If you meet these requirements questipnnaire need to improve your use of survey data to identify opportunities for improvement, please proceed to the request page:. Supporting the VET Sector.

So, where are we today?

If you meet these requirements and need to improve your use of survey data to identify opportunities for improvement, please proceed to the request page: