Enjoy working with high quality images and beautiful colour produced by this AOC Vz 19″ LCD monitor. Featuring a 60, dynamic contrast ratio and. AOC Vz monitors technical specifications database. AOC VZ – Dynamic contrast ratio: , Response time (grey-to-grey): 2 ms, Brightness: cd/m², Viewing angle (H): °, Viewing angle (V): °.

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No questions so far. St Gallen Currently unavailable.

AOC Vz – monitors specifications. Where size is a constraint such as laptops a mini-VGA port can sometimes 9919vz found in place of the full-sized VGA connector.

AOC Vz 19″ LCD Monitor | eBay

Availability Mail delivery Currently unavailable. Lower numbers mean faster transitions and therefore fewer visible image artifacts. Warranty services Warranty extension On-site warranty extension Warranty extension Extension of the manufacturer’s warranty. This product may require a power adapter. Power supply i Power supply All power supply related details.

AOC 919Vz 19″ LCD Monitor

In the case of a color display dot pitch is a measure of the size of a triad plus the distance between the triads. Correction suggestion Comment Save. This image only shows a part of the product and does not depict it in its entirety.


The Community terms and conditions apply. As the frequency of the receiver is changed to scan sweep a desired frequency band, a display indicates the power of the signals received at 919v frequency.

If this is the case, 919fz suitable adapter is included in the delivery. Dynamic contrast ratio i Dynamic contrast ratio The ratio of the luminosity of the brightest and the darkest color the system is capable of producing over time. Brightness is an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to be radiating or reflecting light. Ask the digitec Community. Overview Ratings 0 Questions 0. Report incorrect data here.

To what extent does the product meet your expectations? The Digital Visual Interface DVI is a video interface standard designed to maximize the visual quality of digital display devices such as flat panel LCD computer displays and digital projectors. Product ratings Your rating. Power consumption standby i Power consumption standby In electrical engineering, power consumption refers to the electrical energy over time that must be supplied to an electrical appliance to maintain its operation.

19″ AOC Vz LCD Monitor – Silver – Aria PC

Return policy Warranty at digitec. There are four versions: The monitor comprises the display device, circuitry, and an enclosure. In other words, brightness is the perception elicited by the luminance of a visual target.


We do not have any information regarding the delivery date. The common pin VGA connector found on most video cards, computer monitors, and other devices, is almost universally called 919vx.

For example, a radio receiver contains a bandpass filter to select the frequency of the desired radio signal out of all the radio waves picked up by its antenna. A monitor or display sometimes called a visual display unit is an electronic visual display for computers. Response time is the amount of time a pixel in a display takes to change.

Please check that your connection is enabled to keep browsing the site. Older monitors with long response times would create display motion blur around moving 919zv, making them unacceptable for rapidly moving images.